Recruitment Testimonials

Julie is a focused and committed coach

“I came across the Forever business opportunity by chance, having initially met Julie to do some work for her from my existing IT business.  Having seen Julies enthusiasm for the business, I asked her for more information about the business proposition.  Julie gave me all the information I needed to make the decision to join her team.

Since joining Julie’s team, she has provided me with so much support and motivation to help me hit the ground running.  The training and support from Forever and the wider team has been plentiful.  There is as much or as little help out there to help you get on the way to a better work life balance.  You are certainly your own boss, but by no-means are you on your own.

Hopefully, like me, you will chose to join Julie’s team and experience this great business opportunity for yourself”

Darren B.

Julie Charlton is fabulous lady in my team who is absolutely smashing building a part time business around teaching piano lessons. Julie has been working with me for over 4 years and she is one of the nicest, kindest, most hard working people I know and she deserves all the success she has created to top up her part time teaching income.

Lucy Jacinta McClelland Dunn.

Product Testimonials

Aloe Moisturising Lotion

“The Aloe lotion made the skin on hands feel nice”

“The Aloe lotion left my skin feeling soft”

“The Aloe Moisturizing Lotion is a good all-around body moisturiser”

Forever Living Volumising Shampoo

“The volumising shampoo smells great. It may appear to be expensive but is very concentrated and lathers up very well so you really only need a tiny bit to wash your hair. This means that it is very good value as well as being lovely to use and with great fullness and shiny results. I highly recommend this product. My hair looks good and that makes me feel good!”

Ann H.

Forever Living Aloe Heat Lotion

“This product is excellent.  I buy it over and over again. I always have one at home and one in my overnight bag for travelling/on holiday as I would hate to be without it now. I have lower back pain and arthritis. While I realise this gel isn’t a cure, I find it really helps to relieve the pain more than anything else I have ever tried. It has helped me to feel healthy and able to enjoy life again free from pain. I can’t recommend this product highly enough.”

Ann H.

Sonya Purifying Cleanser

“Lovely light cleanser, not overly perfumed. I was very impressed, and would certainly buy again.”

Exfoliating Mask

“Very easy to use, lovely smell and left my skin feeling clean and bright without feeling tight.”

Aloe Propolis Cream 

“I used this on the eczema on my arms. It didn’t sting or irritate like some creams I have used. I felt i only had to re-apply once or twice throughout the day. It has definitely taken the itch away and hopefully after a few more days it will have cleared up completely. “

“The propolis crème really made my skin feel nice”

       “The Aloe Propolis Crème has a good smell and consistency”

Aloe Drinking Gel  

The results have been amazing. After a week, my dog Sherlock has virtually stopped scratching due to allergies and after a fortnight he seems to be completely cured. He’s no longer growling and is happily howling!

Lee Surtees (and Sherlock)

We would like to say how happy we are with the personal service you gave us. We would be very happy to recommend you and your company to anyone, whether for a gift or a solution for more complicated matters

Chris Bunce

Forever Active HA Tablets  

Amazing results! In a matter of weeks, my black lab Purdy went from showing lameness in her front legs to enjoying her life thanks to Forever Living products!

Anne & Neil King (and Purdy)

More Product Reviews

Myself, my mother and our friends are all big supporters of The Forever Living Aloe Vera Range of products and have bought everything from the shampoo to the sun tan lotion 

Joanne Howe

What sold me on Julie and the Forever Living products, was the fact that in Julie, I could see they work. 

Rebecca Gray

Thank you for coming along with a selection of your products. You are so knowledgeable about the products and I would definitely recommend them all. 

Chris Buckland

Julie mentioned to me a product called Forever Move – a natural product for supporting healthy muscles and joints for my husband. Before the week was up he noticed an ease in the joint pain in his kness. After alomst a month taking the pills other people have noticed how much easier he now walks.

Wendy (and Steve) Dokin

I decided to try the C9 plan after hearing how good the product was from Julie. The plan lasted 9 days and by the end I had lost 6kg. I have no hesitation in recommending Julie and her company to family and friends.

Richie Straughan

Around 12 months ago I started to have severe back problems that required surgury. After surgury for the next 6 weeks I applied the Aloe Heat Lotion to relieve the aches and pains. When I see my surgeon in a couple of weeks I will be telling him how good it is.

Amy McRoy

Being a Dad to three in nappies is tough.With a middle aged spread and eating at bad times, I knew I need to change. I tried the forever Living Shakes and Aloe Vera Drinking Gel. Well it has been a massive success so far. I have lost 1 stone and 5 pounds and I feel healthier, more energized and just all round back in the game.

Christopher Brown

The Re-hydrating toner made my skin feel so refreshed

My grandma has been using the Mobility Forever Freedom for three days and is already interested in using it long term

Aloe firming lotion made a good cream; my make-up went on excellently after using it

I loved the Aloe Scrub as it was not too harsh

The Aloe lotion left my skin feeling soft

Aloe hand and face soap is great all round and doesn’t dry out skin

The Sonja products have a lovely smell and good texture. The nourishing serum and aloe balancing cream are lovely.

I like the vanilla Forever Lite ultra-shakes; it’s easy to mix up and tastes good

Aloe nourishing serum – Wow love it! My skin feels amazing

Aloe heat lotion – Even after I rinsed it off, I could still feel it working and helping my aches

The Forever Bright Toothpaste left my teeth looking cleaner and brighter

I used the Aloe Vera Gel to sooth my children’s skin after bumps and skin irritation and it calmed these down well!

The Aloe Deep Cleansing Exfoliator wasn’t too harsh, left skin feeling smooth

The Aloe purifying Cleanser left my skin feeling lovely and took make-up off well

Aloe Toner – As with all of the products has a nice smell and my face felt nice after using it

Aloe Balancing Cream – This smelt lovely and it left my face feeling very soft to touch once it had soaked in